Latest Disney Parks News

  • Disney FanDaze unveiled for Disneyland Paris

    Disney FanDaze is the ultimate Disney fan event combining attractions, entertainment and loads of characters.
    In the first weekend of June there will be an event in Walt Disney Studios Park. The event will feature fan favourite characters in new entertainment offerings, including The Dance Your Ducktales Parade and Max Live! Gettin' Goofy with It. Up to 50 characters will be at the event including new outfits for the VIP's and the first ever meeting of two secret rare characters. Plus exclusive merchendise and food will be available as well as riding some of the most popular rides in the Studios Park.

  • Added entertainment for Disney's Enchanted Christmas

    5 new entertainment options will be available in Disneyland Paris this holiday season.
    Goofy's Incredible Christmas and Sing Me A Merry Christmas take place in Walt Disney Studios Park. A Merry Stitchmas, Mickey's Christmas Big Band and Enchanted Advent Calendar will bring the holiday magic to Disneyland Park.
    Of course this will be combined with the usual Christmas offerings: Disney's Christmas Parade with snow on Main Street, the Frozen Sing Along and Mickey's Magical Christmas Lights.